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A place for me to post my Sims things...and the occasional "other" things.
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Anonymous asked: Cassie or Nina?


I answered this here:

— 8 hours ago
Anonymous asked: Nestor or Nicolas?


You, are a cruel, cruel person anon.


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ivaristal asked: Juliette Capp or Ophelia Nigmos?


Probably Juliette.

— 17 hours ago
Anonymous asked: alexander goth or jennifer burb?



— 18 hours ago
Anonymous asked: Tara DeBateau or Miranda Capp?


I don’t really know either if them well enough to decide on this really.

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I am going to be 38 on Friday…Gah!

I am going to be 38 on Friday…Gah!

(via bagfullofcatscrazy)

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audreysims14 asked: Ripp or Romeo?


I’ve played Ripp more, so I’d have to go with him.

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nestadaughter asked: Nervous or Pascal?


I admit that Nervous is probably a more interesting character by himself, but I will have to pick Pascal.

Although this is one of those cases where both are more interesting to play together than separate.

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Calling all builders and sim makers! →


I’m currently working on making a town for MTS, and I wanted to ask all my amazing followers if you (or any other simmer you know) would want to build me any type of lot (residential or community) or a sim if you could make a unique sim. I’ll of course give whoever helps me…

Signal boost

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